Interactive Media Designer

Maria Camila Daza Lozano

Maka is the individual who creates the environment at the agency; she is ready, willing and able to spread the good feelings of her great energy and has been named the official DJ of the ID. She is the #1 fan of Mike Bahía and has never missed a single chapter of The Walking Dead. Maka is passionate about Interactive Media Designs and she is the person in the office who is in charge of conceptualizing, designing and developing the ideas for the whole team
  • She is an interactive media designer from the ICESI University
  • Experience in UX/UI
  • Web design and applications, mobile apps and advergames
  • Design and creation of digital imaging.
  • Great experience in creation, conceptualization and design of campaigns by using digital media.
  • Digital illustration.
  • Creation of motion graphics and handling of the Adobe After Effects.
  • Management of the After Effects on motion Graphics.